Product quality

Chongqing Smart Science & Technology Development has passed the ISO9001 international quality management system certification, and the quality has reached the advanced level of similar international products. So far, the company has 1 invention patent, several utility model patents, and computer software Copyrights, and has strong R&D and design capabilities.

You can contact us by email and other ways, put forward your needs and applications, let us choose products for you, and communicate product use methods and precautions.

Product warranty period is 1 year, the normal use of the product damage during the warranty period, the production unit is responsible for repair or replacement.

Packing & Shipping

Delivery time:

Normally, our product delivery time is 4-5 weeks. The delivery time for special model products needs to be confirmed after communication. We need to have stricter control over high-precision products, which require more production processes and time. Therefore, we suggest that you confirm the product cycle with us in advance to avoid delaying your use.


Because of the particularity of the product, all products are positioned with customized foam, packaged with cardboard boxes or plastic boxes, cushioned with bubble bags, and sealed with plastic bags to ensure that the packaged products have certain shock-proof and waterproof properties, so as to avoid damage during transportation.


We can provide a variety of transportation services, and deliver the goods to your designated address quickly and safely through express, air, sea, and land transportation. If you have your own freight forwarder in China, we can also send the goods to your designated address.