Acousto-optic Modulator Driver

The driver is an acousto-optic radio frequency driver, which is an important part of the use of acousto-optic devices and performs frequency shift, digital modulation, analog modulation, and so on. We have mastered cutting-edge technology, which enables our products to have characteristics such as low power consumption, excellent stability, and a switching ratio. There are two main types of standardized drivers to choose from: RF drivers and broadband RF amplifiers, with a wide range of RF frequency choices. Whether it’s standardized drives or customized services, we are honored to serve you.

Low-power N-type Acousto-optic Driver

Low-power N-type Acousto-optic Driver

The low-power N-type acoustooptic driver is a dedicated radio frequency (RF) signal generator specifically designed for acousto-optic devices requiring less than 3 watts of driving power.
Bandwidth Radio Frequency Amplifier

Bandwidth Radio Frequency Amplifier

The Bandwidth RF amplifier is a dedicated driver for acousto-optic devices, such as modulators and frequency shifters, operating within a specific frequency range and requiring less than 3 watts of power.