Ultra-narrow linewidth single-frequency fiber laser

Ultra-narrow Linewidth Single-frequency Fiber Laser (3kHz)

The laser adopts the advanced active fiber DFB short straight cavity structure, ensuring the stable output of the single longitudinal mode of the fiber laser. The module adopts the proprietary shockproof and noise reduction design and cooperates with the stable and low-noise drive circuit to ensure the high-performance and stable operation of the laser.

  • Spectral linewidth less than 3kHz
  • High side mode rejection ratio
  • High-frequency stability, no mode hopping
  • Low relative intensity noise
  • Distributed optical fiber sensing
  • Coherent optical communication
  • Fiber optic hydrophone
  • Lidar
Parameter indexUnitNumerical value
Central wavelength rangenm1550
Side mode rejection ratiodB> 50
Output powermw20 (Note:10-1000mw multiple specifications are available)
Polarization stateRandom polarization / linear polarization
Polarization extinction ratiodB> 23
Degree of polarization%99
Spectral linewidthkHz3kHz
Frequency instabilityFrequency instability<20 ( 15min)<100 (long-term)
Relative intensity noise @>1MHzdB/Hz<-120dB/Hz@1MHz
Phase noise@10kHz<1%
Output fiber typeSingle mode fiber SMF-28e or Polarization maintaining fiber PM1550
Supply voltageVDC5
Product sizemm120x80x30 (modular)
296x260x89 (table mode)
UNDFBLWavelength (nm)Output power (mw)Output fiber typeConnector form Module size
SMF: Random polarization output of single-mode fiber
PMF: Polarization maintaining fiber, line polarization output
M4: 120x80x25
B= Benchtop