Ultra-narrow linewidth single-frequency fiber laser

Ultra-narrow Linewidth Single-frequency Fiber Laser (1kHz)

The fiber laser adopts a proprietary traveling-wave cavity design and a unique frequency stabilization technology so that the laser can maintain high-performance and stable output of single longitudinal mode, ultra-low relative intensity noise, and phase noise. The low-noise control circuit ensures the high-performance and stable operation of the laser.

  • Spectral linewidth less than 1kHz
  • High side mode rejection ratio
  • High-frequency stability, no mode hopping
  • Low relative intensity noise
  • Distributed optical fiber sensing
  • Coherent optical communication
  • Fiber optic hydrophone
  • Lidar
Parameter indexUnitNumerical value
Central wavelength rangenm1540-1560 optional
Side mode rejection ratiodB> 60
Output powermw20 (Note:10-1000mw multiple specifications are available)
Polarization state
Polarization extinction ratiodB> 25
Degree of polarization0.99
Spectral linewidthkHz1kHz
Frequency instabilityMHz<20 ( 15min)<100 (long-term)
Relative intensity noise @>1MHzdB/Hz<-140dB/Hz@1MHz
Phase noisedB<-130
Power instability @>3h<1%
Output fiber type
Supply voltageDC 5V
Product sizemm120x80x25(modular)
296x260x89 (table mode)

This indicator is a typical optical wavelength indicator, and other wavelengths and frequencies can be selected.

UNDFBLWavelength (nm)Output power (mw)Output fiber typeConnector form Module size
SMF: Random polarization output of single-mode fiber
PMF: Polarization maintaining fiber, line polarization output
M4: 120x80x25
B= Benchtop