SR30003B PMFWDM-0698 3W,10kW

SR30003B PMFWDM-0698 3W,10kW

Specifications of SR30003B PMFWDM-0698

Pass Band
Wavelength Rangenm1020 – 1120
Max. Insertion LossdB0.8
Min. IsolationdB25
Reflection Band
Wavelength Rangenm980 ± 20
Max. Insertion LossdB0.6
Min. IsolationdB12
Min. Return LossdB50
Min. Extinction RatiodB20
Max. Optical PowerW3
Max. Peak Power for ns pulsekW10
Max. Tensile LoadN5
Fiber TypeCommon:  PM980 fiber
Pass&Reflect: PM980 or HI1060 fiber
Operating Temperature-5 to +70
Storage Temperature-40 to +85

IL is 0.3 dB higher, RL is 5 dB lower, ER is 2 dB lower and Optical Power is 1W only for each connector added. The connector key is aligned to the slow axis.

Package Dimensions of SR30003B PMFWDM-0698

SR30003B PMFWDM-0698 3W,10kW

Ordering Information of SR30003B PMFWDM-0698


①: Wavelength0397 – 1030 Pass/976 Reflect, 0697 – 1064 Pass/976 Reflect
②: Connector Type1 – FC/UPC, 2 – FC/APC, N – None, S – Specify
③: Jacket TypeB –  Bare fiber, L – 900 μm loose tube, S – Specify
④: Fiber Type for Pass&ReflectPP – PM980/PM980, HH – HI1060/HI1060, PH – PM980/HI1060, HP – HI1060/PM980
⑤: Fiber Length1 – 1.0 m, S – Specify
⑥: Working AxisF – Fast axis blocked (For Transmission only), B – Both axes working
⑦:Power TypeC – Continuous Wave, P – Pulse Application